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NZT Poker - World's # 1 AI Poker Assistant

  • Investments $0

  • Agency commission is up to 30 %

  • Payouts once a week

Top 5 agent payouts for the week

07.09 - 13.09

  • 1
    $9 270
  • 2
    $6 910
  • 3
    $6 800
  • 4
    $6 450
  • 5
    $5 340

About the product

NZT Poker is an Android application that gives real-time hints for online players.

The principle of operation is based on competition of two artificial neural networks based on the strategies of GTO and Exploit.

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*data for August 2020

Highly - Demanded product


Conversion to paying user


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Customer support service 24/7

We have more than 30 employees who help NZT users.

Support is provided in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and German languages.

Transparent partnership

Each agent has its own personal account, which displays information about the quantity downloads, registrations, and purchases based on it referral link.

Payouts without delay

We pay the Agency fee once a week.

Our partnership program is best suited for:

For Online Poker Club Owners

For owners of Poker sites and forums

For all poker influencers who want an active source of income

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